What is a DMC (or onsite) and why do Travel Advisors use them?

When working with J.Upton Travel, we may work with a DMC or ‘onsite’ company to create a very unique and personalized itinerary for you. A DMC (Destination Management Company) is a specialized travel agency that works directly with Travel Advisors and operates on a local level in a specific destination. They offer unique local expertise and logistical support within that destination. The reason a DMC or onsite is so beneficial to our clients is because they are actually in the destination every single day talking to the guides, meeting with the drivers, touring the hotels after they make renovations. They are essentially our boots on the ground when we can’t be everywhere in the world.

Travel Advisor Partners: DMC and Onsite Companies

Here are a number of reasons Travel Advisors often use DMCs:

  1. Local Expertise: Because DMCs are located in the specific destination, they have extensive local knowledge, including insider tips and knowledge of hidden gems. This expertise allows us to work with them to create completely personalized recommendations that pair your preferences with the best experiences available in that destination.
  2. Logistical Support: DMCs handle on-the-ground logistics. They help us with organizing the best mode of transportation for that specific destination. Some areas are best seen with private drivers, others can easily be explored with public transportation. Our DMC partners ensure smooth coordination of services, which can be complex in some destinations.
  3. Relationships with Suppliers: DMCs maintain strong relationships with local suppliers, including hotels, restaurants, tour guides and private drivers. This enables them to negotiate better rates and secure exclusive deals and perks. Due to our partnership with the DMCs, our clients then also get those exclusive deals and perks. Most DMCs only provide package rates with all of the components packaged together in one price due to the proprietary rates they have negotiated with the local suppliers.
  4. Support and Assistance: In case of emergencies, changes in plans, or unforeseen issues during travel, DMCs provide immediate support and assistance. They act as a reliable point of contact for our clients. So while it’s 2:00am in Texas and you’re in Italy with a question about your restaurant reservation, our DMC partner is there to support you with your questions. This offers peace of mind to our clients and to us as your Travel Advisor.
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What types of trips do Travel Advisors use a DMC for?

We use DMCs on most complex international trips. Specific destinations are all European countries, which most commonly for us include Italy, Greece, France, the UK, and Croatia. Popular Central and South America destinations include Costa Rica, Belize and Columbia. In Asia include Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Japan, and we also use a DMC in South Africa.

How will I know if you worked with a DMC on my trip?

We will always let you know when we are using a DMC partner on your trip. The DMC or onsite will be noted in your initial itinerary proposal. And their contact information will be shared with you in your final travel documents prior to your departure.

How do you pick what DMC you will work with on my trip?

We are very selective of the DMCs we work with and they are always vetted to ensure they provide a high level service that we approve of. Many of the DMCs we work with are a part of Virtuoso, which is a ‘by invitation only’ network of the world’s best Travel Agencies connected with vetted luxury travel partners such as DMCs and onsites that offer world-class service.

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